Vineyard Restaurant

Our vineyard restaurant is nestled amongst silver-green olive groves, and vineyards rolling in the wind. During spring, summer, and autumn one can enjoy tasty and elegant dishes in our welcoming dining room or on the spacious terrace. 

Here we cook using produce from our organic garden and we offer a menu with seasonal Tuscan dishes inspired by what is growing around us. The flavours are genuine, and the dishes are combined with Terreno’s wines with playful creativity. Every now and again we also introduce more original dishes connected to our Scandinavian food culture. 

The ingredients are locally produced and exclusively from Tuscany. Vegetables and fruit are from our organic garden, which our chef Francesco Galli takes care of with a caring hand. The menu is adjusted daily to what nature and season offers.

Our organic vegetable garden is managed the same way as our vineyards: with respect for nature. Crops in all colours and sizes grow here all year around and are transformed in the kitchen to elegant dishes by our chef Francesco Galli. It is rewarding to be able to offer elegant dishes made with ingredients from local farmers and from our very own vegetable patch. 


Opening hours:

We are open all year for wine tastings upon request.
+39 335 153 6335 or info@terreno.e

Our restaurant is closed until 1 of March 2022.
We look forward to welcoming you all next year. 

Organic extra virgin olive oil 

Terreno’s extra virgin olive oil has a nuanced flavour, an intensive green colour, a fragrance of fresh cut grass and a peppery finish. At Terreno, just as in the rest of Tuscany, a good extra virgin olive oil is the centrepiece of the table. 

At Terreno we work with the classical Tuscan olive varieties Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino, all growing together in the fields. We pick our olives by hand, just as the colour starts to change from green to black. This means our yield is very low but the olive oil of the highest quality. 

Another important aspect when you make quality extra virgin oil the olives is to press shortly after harvest. We go quickly to the press, often within an hour after harvest. This is fundamental to avoid oxidation and to keep important vitamins and antioxidants in the olive oil. 

There are approximately 700 different olive varieties in the world, and in Italy about 300. Each of Italy’s twenty regions has its own varieties. Just as different grapes affect the style of a wine, different olive varieties influence the flavours and character of an olive oil.     

You can order our extra olive oil directly to your door in our online shop.