Our vineyards - our most precious resource!

Our 20 hectares of vineyard are our most treasured asset. We have been using organic methods since 2014 and continuously strive to be part of - and preserve - the invaluable ecosystem in Chianti Classico. Our goal is to create the conditions for our vines to grow and age in a living soil. We do this by approaching the work in an artisan way, respecting nature in both field and cellar. The result is healthy grapes that require close to no intervention in the winery. We want our wines to mirror their terroir, which to us includes the people who work here and who gently bring Terreno into the future.

Our vineyards


Terreno’s vineyards are situated about 300 metres above sea level, facing south and southwest, on the right side of the river Greve. The soil is mostly calcareous clay. This cool soil retains water which means that the grapes can produce a balanced wine despite a warmer and unpredictable weather due to climate change. Here, some of our oldest vines, planted in 1980, grow next to our youngest vineyard planted in 2018. The old vines, thanks to their deep root system, thrive despite the poor soil, and produce well balanced grapes with concentrated flavour intensity. These grapes are perfect for our complex wine; Terreno Chianti Classico ASofia, made with only Sangiovese. This is a wine that year after year reflects its terroir in nuanced way.

Le Bonille

Bonille is a part of Terreno where the vines grow on hand made terraces at 400 metres above sea level, facing southwest. The vines are planted closer together and thus must compete for nutrients in the poor soil consisting mainly of galestro. Bonille therefor gives us a more concentrated fruit that add structure and body to our wines. With careful precision and with respect for the environment we observe each field and every single grape variety because every year offers new possibilities and challenges. We adapt our work to every situation to be able to help vines and grapes to become the best they can be.


Sillano is a vineyard at 500 metres above sea level facing southeast, above the little medieval village of Montefioralle. The high altitude makes the average temperature lower compared to our other vineyards. This means a longer growing season for the grapes and therefore they reach a perfect balance even in warm vintages. The soil is called Formazione Sillano; a unique chalk rich soil in Chianti Classico spanning from Panzano in Chianti and San Casciano. This soil can only be found in few places in Chianti Classico. Our wine Terreno Chianti Classico Riserva Sillano comes from here: an elegant and balanced wine with strong identity, made with only Sangiovese.